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Cookies are information (short strings of text) that the visited website installs on the visitor’s device, first and foremost to allow and facilitate navigation within the site. Data collected are automatically processed by the site in the manner described below.

The cookies used by are of a technical nature. These cookies have the sole purpose of improving the visitor’s experience, for example, by memorizing his/her choice in reference to the preferred language, thus allowing him/her to not repeat this passage at each subsequent visit.

All cookies can be deleted at any time from the device’s memory through the appropriate Privacy section of your browser. uses the Google Analytics service. The service uses analytical cookies that allow the website to collect aggregate statistical information, such as the number of visitors or which pages are of greatest interest within the same website. These data are collected in an absolutely anonymous manner and are not used for any other purpose, such as profiling or sending targeted advertisements. Data collected by Google Analytics are kept in compliance with the data protection rules of Google Inc., available at the following web address:

The user can at any time block the functionality of the service by installing the appropriate browser component provided by Google Inc., available at the following web address:

Any collected data will not be communicated to third parties in any way.

Communication of personal data and use of cookies are not mandatory, but if the concerned party does not give his/her consent to them, the functionality of the website may be compromised.

Users are afforded all the rights provided for by Law in relation to the personal data concerning them. The list of rights is available in the immediately preceding entry of this Privacy Area.

The concerned party will also find on this page the information concerning the Data Controller and the Data Protection Officer, and their respective contact addresses.