Trust is the foundation of our company, bonding us together like a large family. Knowing that our employees, customers and partners place their trust in us is what motivates us, day after day, and gives us the strength we need to move mountains together

Kurt Gruberson of the founder, Josef Gruber

Trust is the foundation of our company, bonding us together like a large family. Knowing that our employees, customers and partners place their trust in us is what motivates us, day after day, and gives us the strength we need to move mountains together

Kurt Gruberson of the founder, Josef Gruber




Million turnover




Million turnover

Our history

Logistics in the heart of the Alps is not an easy job, but to compete and grow we had to strengthen our uniqueness: today we proudly represent one of the most successful operators, supporting our customers with a complete range of logistics services.


The birth of the entrepreneurial dream

The history of GRUBER Logistics starts back in 1936 when Josef Gruber founded the company “Gruber Giuseppe Trasporti e spedizioni internazionali” in Bolzano, transporting loads of woods down from the mountains of South Tyrol. Guided by the strong entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, the company soon began specialising in special and heavy loads and founded its first Italian branch in Milan, followed shortly after by the German branch in Kiefersfelden.


The expansion of our services

Building on Josef Gruber’s motto “Do everything you can to simplify your clients’ life and reduce their workload”, we are now able to offer a full array of services ranging from full, partial and special loads, to air and sea freight including warehouse logistics. Thanks to the many offices in Italy, Austria and Germany, over these years we have been able to build a widespread network of services and create solid and lasting partnerships with our customers.


From South Tyrol to Europe

Starting with our headquarters in Auer, South Tyrol, and led by the second generation of the Gruber family, we expand our business on a European scale. Thanks to our innovative spirit and firm dedication to the customer, we continue to grow by opening branches in Belgium and the Netherlands, and increasingly consolidating our strategic presence in Europe. At the same time, we develop a further product for our customers, becoming operational in a new sector: industrial relocations. Our service portfolio is now complete.


Internationality as a mission

2010 was the turning point for GRUBER Logistics. We are now a multinational company with 24 offices located in Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Romania, Lithuania, Russia and China.


A family story

From 1936 until today the Gruber family has never abandoned the helm of the company. In 2014, a new board of directors was formed by Kurt, Christian, Michael and Martin Gruber, the latter as the new CEO.


Ready to step into the future

Guided by a strong innovative spirit, combined with over 80 years of experience, we are ready to embrace with determination the challenges that the future holds. But our mission remains the same: to create solutions for our customers to make their lives easier.


Gruber Logistics and Universal Transport step into the future together

Two successful European logistics companies are joining forces: the integration of Universal Transport into Gruber Logistics creates a new European market leader in heavy- and specialized transport.

Our values

As a family business we have always engaged in building long-term relationships with employees and partners. The trust we have gained over the years is our driving force to actively face challenges, to continuously improve and to follow our mission by making our clients’ lives easier. It is their trust being our daily source of motivation, enabling us to join forces and move mountains together.

Discover our values

Corporate social responsibility

For GRUBER Logistics the term corporate social responsibility means taking care of people and the territory, in particular of the employees, customers and local communities surrounding us. These principles have been part of our company DNA since 1936 and are reflected in the continuous commitment to ensure the quality of our services, transparent communication and continuous innovation.

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Code of ethics

The fleet

Thanks to a large and diversified vehicle fleet, we can carry out any type of transport and meet the needs of even the most demanding client. We are continuously investing in the expansion of our fleet, which today boasts about 2350 transport units: from the small 7.5 tonne truck to special vehicles suitable for transport up to a total weight of 170 tonnes. Our fleet for special transports is one of the most diverse on an international scale and includes vehicles suitable for both oversize and overweight goods. Efficient transport solutions require the perfect functioning of the vehicles. For this purpose, we have:

  • An in-house workshop with specialised mechanics, which carry out regular maintenance and repair of vehicles
  • State-of-the-art equipment, which is constantly subjected to strict quality controls in order to maintain high standards and ensure load protection
  • An on-board computer, which tracks the location of the vehicle, monitoring the driver’s activity in real time through a tachograph

Our corporate responsibility does not end with transport, but is witnessed by our concrete commitment to environmental protection. Our entire fleet consists solely of Euro 6 trucks with an average age of two years, and in 2021 we have purchased 100 LNG-powered units for a significant reduction in carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions.


Transport units

Fleet brochure

Download the brochure to get a complete overview of the GRUBER Logistics fleet.

Our fleet at a glance

The GRUBER Logistics fleet ranges from the small 7.5 tonne truck to special vehicles transporting up to 170 tonnes. Furthermore, we introduced 100 LNG- powered units into our fleet to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of our vehicles.


Branches all over the world

Being close to our customers is part of our company philosophy. From our headquarters in Auer, South Tyrol, we have built a widespread network that currently includes 60 offices in 11 different countries.


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