Our corporate
social responsibility

We assume responsibility for society and the environment around us.

We are an owner-managed family business, founded in the heart of the Alps. People and the surrounding environment are at the centre of all our actions and this is why we are committed to protecting and respecting them. In more than 80 years in business, we have always endeavoured to make ethical choices, investing in human capital, progressively reducing our fleet’s environmental impact and establishing solid, transparent relationships with our partners. The principles that guide the corporate social responsibility of GRUBER Logistics are therefore an integral part of our corporate strategy and are fully reflected in our company values.

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Modern fleet

Our fleet, which entirely consists of modern, Euro 6 vehicles, is the most effective tool for reducing our impact on the environment. Training our drivers on the principles of efficient driving (eco-driving), alongside careful maintenance of our vehicles in our own workshops, allows us to minimize the consumption of the entire fleet, while maximising efficiency. At the same time, we adopt alternative transport options, such as the 12 LNG-powered units which have joined our fleet since January 2019.

Thanks to our continuous investments in more sustainable forms of transport we have recently received two international awards:

  • First classified for the Environmental Award of the Year 2019 awarded by Project Cargo Network
  • Second classified for the European Transport Award of Sustainability (ETPN 2019) awarded by Huss-Verlag
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Intermodal transport

For over 30 years now we have been embracing the challenge of intermodal transport. The possibility of combining road transport with the convenience of rail and maritime services allows us to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and simultaneously generate a reduction in empty runs and trucks on the road.

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and safety management

We are committed to ensuring the highest level of safety for the employees, clients and stakeholders in everything we do. We promote the continuous improvement of our services by providing the necessary resources and through on-going training of our employees. In line with our corporate values, our Code of Ethics reflects the commitments made by GRUBER Logistics regarding safety, quality, employee health and environmental protection.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 | UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 | SQAS assessment


Energy saving

Our commitment to the efficient use of energy, water and raw materials begins with the little things, such as our electric car charging point or our use of energy-efficient LED lighting in offices and warehouses. Moreover, since 2012, we have been using a wood-fuelled heating system, which burns wood pellets and which is one of the most eco-friendly alternatives to traditional fuels, for the offices and workshop at our headquarters.

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Social projects

Respect for the community around us is the pillar on which the company’s social commitment is based. We support and actively participate in cultural projects aimed at enhancing the importance of people, the environment and the communities we interact with.

Changing lives with mobility:

GRUBER Logistics envisions a world where distance no longer presents an obstacle to an independent existence and free access to education, health and equal economic opportunities. For this reason, in collaboration with the humanitarian Organization World Vision, we have decided to contribute to a project for sustainable mobility by donating 50 bicycles to 50 children living in the villages of Mirigu, Sirigu and Kandiga, in northern Ghana. In these areas, where the children and their families have to walk dozens of kilometers every day just to reach the school, the medical clinic or simply to draw water from the well, the bicycle is much more than just a means of transport: it is a symbol of freedom, equality and access to education and medical care.