Groupage Transport and Partloads

Our European network at your service

The continuous extension of our European network, the innovations and digital solutions,  process improvement, and the constant search for sustainable solutions are just some of the elements that characterise the value proposition that Gruber Logistics offers in the management of partial load (LTL, “Less Than Truckload”) and groupage shipments.

Whether for Groupage (30kg <> 2,500kg) or LTL (partial >2,500kg) shipments, GRUBER Logistics has developed guaranteed services, offering fast delivery, pick up/delivery bookings or scheduled delivery in predefined European areas.

Our guaranteed services

Our guaranteed services allow you to customize all your shipping needs. Book guaranteed services to have a service priority assigned. You can request fast delivery, pick up/delivery bookings or a guaranteed delivery in predefined European areas. Such services are your fast-track to managing your business. 

A widespread network of certified branches and partners throughout Europe guarantee operational excellence for your international distribution: Regular connections / Daily departures / Dedicated Customer Care / Ware traceability


Fast and prioritised shipments

Guaranteed delivery according to defined lead times.
Priority of shipping within the Network.
Distribution guarantee for unrestricted shipments.


Guarantee of scheduled deliveries

Punctuality of delivery.
Compliance with scheduled delivery.


Confirmation of goods collection 
and unloading booking

Punctuality in the collection and/or delivery of your goods.
Booking of delivery.
Confirmation of delivery and/or collection dates.

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My Green. Our basic service is now more sustainable


Choose MyGreen if there are no strict deadlines. The service is ideal for wares shipments that are not time sensitive.

MyGreen offers competitive rates services, while adding value in terms of sustainability.

Inefficiencies to reach the saturation of vehicle loading capacities and undertaking empty load trips are too common. The European Commission considers such trips the main issue that must be addressed in order to make the world of transports and logistics sustainable.  These inefficiencies in cargo volume management are calculated to be an average of 40%.

Thanks to the digital integration of our network, ensuring a more sustainable basic service,  we have been able to reach an average saturation of 90%.
By offering pick-ups and deliveries with approximate delivery times, MyGreen facilitates the application of eco-friendly solutions. A practical example is the eco-driving and the eco-routing.

magazzino groupage

The benefits of our LTL services

Real-time shipment tracking

With the new Gruber Beyond MyDesk digital platform, you can manage your shipments and access the LTL shipment tracking service

Owned fleet

Our fleet consists exclusively of Euro 6 trucks. We are also one of the first fleets in Europe to introduce LNG-powered tractor units.

H24 operation

We guarantee continuous support and service, 365 days a year, 7 days a week, including holidays

Reliable partners

We rely on a network of selected partners located throughout Europe to offer you optimal response and execution times