The driver app, introduced last year, enabling Universal Transport employees to connect to the central IT tool “heavyNet” via Android, is now easily accessible for the customers of the heavy goods logistics company as well.


This is interesting from two points of view: firstly, customers are kept up to date with the latest news from Universal Transport. Secondly, and this is of course of particular interest to customers, it allows them to track their order.

After opening the app, users can follow both of these paths by logging in as a guest via a grey button at the bottom of the start screen. No access data is required for this.
If the user then decides to read the news, they will be redirected to the corresponding content on the Universal Transport homepage. The other option is to enter a reference number, which takes them to their transport order and its details. Among other things, the user can find out where the goods are currently located and when they are scheduled to arrive at their destination.

The heavyNet app is available to all smartphone users in the Google Play Store. The search terms “heavyNet” or “Universal Transport” will take you directly to your new app.

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