The Fleet Management Team of GRUBER Logistics celebrates Easter together with the drivers


Easter 2020 was characterised by the COVID-19 emergency. Particularly affected by the measures are the drivers who, in addition to continuing their work to ensure the functioning of the production chain, are confronted every day with new limitations imposed by the emergency situation. For this reason during the Easter weekend the Fleet Management team was there in our yards in Auer/Ora and Verona to offer all our drivers who stopped by a hot meal to celebrate Easter in company – obviously in compliance with social distancing regulations, according to the indications and with the support of Mauro Sgarbossa, Fleet Life Cycle Handling, Quality & HSE.

“We came up with the idea a few days before Easter, during one of the briefings with Stefan Knapp (Head of International Fleet). The drivers were really happy and thanked us profoundly several times for the food and for the time spent with them” says Vlad Luparu, Fleet Management, who was in charge of the practical organization of the lunch, prepared completely at home, from scratch.


“It was a motivating and rewarding experience. Being with the drivers allowed us to get to know them and share the day with them, to better understand what their needs are beyond the daily work routine. And the participation of all colleagues from Fleet, including Matteo Brugnoli in Verona, guaranteed us perfect organisation.” adds Alessandro Pennati, Driver Training.

Easter celebrations were organized not only in our branches in Italy, but also in Germany


Thanks to the contribution of Christian Varga and Anne Fischer, ODC KRE, we were also able to offer a hot meal to those drivers who stopped by at our head office in Kreuztal, Germany. Christian says:

“At this time it is crucial that we take care of the drivers, if only to laugh and joke together.  Because of the COVID emergency many of them haven’t been home since January, and the restrictions imposed by the various nations certainly don’t help”.


The drivers who will stop in Auer/Ora and Verona during their work, from now on they will receive a packed lunch to better face the days on the road. Unfortunately in Kreuztal at the moment we do not have the possibility to set up such a service, but we will certainly continue to organize and offer lunches during the weekend.

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