Electric mobility, or e-mobility, refers to all vehicles that use electricity as their main source of energy instead of traditional fossil fuels and oils. GRUBER Logistics has had a specific policy in place for some years now to promote the decarbonization of its fleet, which is gradually being expanded. In our fleet, consisting of more than 500 vehicles, we have already alternative fuel vehicles such as LNG, Bio-LNG and Biodiesel. A few months ago, the first electric truck of our fleet has also been presented to the public, developed thanks to a collaboration with Electrolux and SCANIA

The near future will be decisive for the development of electric mobility in both freight and passenger transport. Our strategy is developed along three geographical lines: in the local area we have started with the  first hybrid cars and installed 10 plug-ins; in the intercity area we have, as mentioned, started with the first electric truck; but the real challenge today is on heavy transport. Nonetheless, in the next two years we plan to acquire 50 new heavy-duty electric trucks (40 tons). The countries we consider to be priorities to date are Germany and Italy.

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