GRUBER Logistics played a key role in the construction of the new intermodal connection between Kreuztal and Verona.

The new intermodal connection between Kreuztal, in North Rhine-Westphalia, and Verona, in northern Italy, is now fully operational. The trains cover the approximately 1000 km in 38 hours and currently run in both directions three times a week, with the goal to increase this number over the coming weeks. GRUBER Logistics, whose branch is located  in proximity to the Terminal in Kreuztal, played a key role in the construction of the new intermodal route and was one of the first transport companies to recognize the need for such a connection to favour the goods traffic to and from Italy.

“When we heard about the project for an intermodal terminal in Kreuztal, we immediately contacted the local authorities to obtain a direct connection to Italy,” says Martin Gruber, Group CEO at GRUBER Logistics. “One of the key factors that convinced us to invest in the project is our commitment to sustainable transportation. Rail transport significantly reduces CO2 emissions and allows us to withdraw up to 70 trucks per day from the Brenner highway “.

This is not the first investment of this kind for the South Tyrolean company. “We have been working in the intermodal sector for more than 40 years and are therefore among the pioneers in Italy,” notes Martin Gruber. “Even today, 30% of our goods crossing the Alps travel by rail, and this percentage would increase if infrastructures allowed it! As a transport company, we hope that politicians will eventually  recognize the enormous potential of intermodal transportation and take the necessary measures to strengthen and expand the European rail network “.

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