Marcello Corazzola interviewed by KargoHaber – Turkish sector magazine

Marcello Corazzola, Member of the board & Executive Director of Gruber Logistics was interviewed by the Turkish magazin KargoHaber, after opening two offices in the Country: Istanbul and Izmir.

Here you can find 3 statements of Marcello that got taken out and translated from the original interviw.

  1. “Our service network is expanding in Turkey. The opening in Izmir and Istanbul is an important and major step for us, especially if we consider our potential development within the country, both for other locations and for HUBs towards the rest of East Asia.
    This service network will help us to “build” a bridge towards that side of the world.”
  2. “Turkey has a great competence in several sectors, especially textile, automotive and electronics. So, we see our presence in Turkey as a great opportunity to further develop these businesses.
    Our approach is mainly based on customer satisfaction and protection of the customer’s interest; indeed, our employees are focused on assisting from production to market. This means that our approach is a solution-oriented approach, and we see for the future, as we build closer relationships with the customer, that we will move forward together. Our business is based on trust!”
  3. “Turkey is a very interesting market and there are very knowledgeable and experienced people working in logistics. It goes without saying that the Turkish market has a huge growth potential, and it will probably keep growing in the next 5-6 years, especially if we compare it to Europe.
    I think, strategically speaking, it is right to cooperate with Turkey. I believe that logistics companies should be more transparent and clearer throughout the entire process, and in my opinion, Turkey always focuses on that.”

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