New warehouse in Milano’s hinterland


Despite the economic crisis, GRUBER Logistics continues to pursue the implementation of its business plan without slowing down any investment. At the end of last year, Marcello Corazzola, Board Member and Managing Director at GRUBER Logistics, publicly explained the strategy of the Group in the Contract Logistics sector in Italy: increased capillary presence, social sustainability and digitalization.

In these first months of 2021, the strategy is taking shape with the opening of a warehouse in the north of Italy. The 50,000 m2 logistics hub in the south of Milan is strategically located for north-south transports and serves the Milan hinterland as well as the Piacenza area. With its important size, a height of 14 meters and a dedicated area for packaging and value-added services, the warehouse is one of the most important third-party logistics infrastructures in the region.

In terms of digitalization, for GRUBER Logistics this new hub will play a central role serving as development and testing area for deep learning and predictive analytics. At the moment an initial phase of data collection and analysis is underway. During 2021 and the first half of 2022, the solutions under investigation will then be tested in practical use.

The issue of social sustainability in logistics is central to the political agenda in Italy: in recent years, staffing via third-party providers has often been used as a lever to lower prices to the detriment of workers, leading to strikes and warehouse closures. Building on experience in other European countries, GRUBER Logistics has introduced a system of personnel management in warehouse logistics that is new for Italy, characterized by direct hiring of employees, transparency towards customers, flexibility and continuous training.

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