How do you move a decommissioned Airbus 310 that can no longer fly from one place to another? Quite simply – you commission Universal Transport as part of Gruber Logistics.

Serengeti Park Hodenhagen has acquired the decommissioned Airbus to use it as a restaurant for visitors to the park. Managing Director Dr. Fabrizio Sepe’s plan was to commission a transport company to transport the Airbus to his park so that he could offer his customers another attraction.

However, because such a large transport represents an extraordinarily large hurdle for companies for whom this is not part of their daily routine, the Airbus initially did not move a single metre and only caused enormous parking costs at Hanover Airport. It was also concealed that the transport of the Airbus from Hanover Airport to the Serengeti Park passes through two nature reserves, which required additional planning.

However, when Fabrizio Sepe then decided in favour of Universal Transport as part of Gruber Logistic as a specialist for heavy transport, the two wings as well as the Airbus’s lateral interlocking system could be transported first. The wings measure 26 metres in length, 8.10 metres in width and 4.40 metres in height, which was easily achieved on the three-lane A7 motorway with the help of several escort vehicles and eight motorbike patrols from the Hanover police. It was only outside the motorway, on the narrower roads, that the crane truck had to be used to lift the entire load so as not to damage the surrounding trees.

Now that we have delivered the wings and the side control gear safely and undamaged to Serengeti Park, the fuselage of the Airbus with a diameter of 5.64 metres is still waiting. However, the city of Hanover has not yet granted permission for this because 8 trees over a distance of 2 kilometres could be damaged by the transport. While the managing director of the Serengeti Park is trying to find a legal solution, we are working in parallel to find an alternative route via the neighbouring inland waterways.

Read the full article in PDF format in German here.

Here you can see the transport of the Airbus parts in a video on EurotransportTV.

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