GRUBER Logistics opens two offices in Turkey to explore and connect two of the world’s largest regions, Europe and Asia.

The opening in Turkey is reasoned by the country’s strategic location, its extensive network of ports and airports, and its access to global markets. The country has always been a hub for international cargo flows, but its growth forecasts are now being revised further upward. The key driver is the shortening of logistics chains destined to bring the Mediterranean back to the center of international commodity flows.

“Turkey is the junction of two cultural paradigms, the Asian’s and the European’s, which have been meeting and comparing for centuries creating an incredible richness”, says Marcello Corazzola, managing director and member of the board of GRUBER Logistics.
The focus will always be on developing the country’s import and export business to and from all over Europe. Of course, the desired growth will also involve both short sea and rail intermodal flows from Turkey to Trieste and Germany (Cologne and Duisburg).

New openings and businesses in Turkey can help to create jobs, indeed, the recruitment plan envisages the acquisition of at least twenty people, part of whom have already joined the GRUBER Logistics team.

Mr. Corazzola remarks “We are excited about our new adventure in one of the most important countries for the economic growth of the area, since it lies in the center of a vast array of cultural, economic, and political networks, meaning that it is a crucial link. We will share all our expertise and offer streamlined and innovative options to contribute to the development of the country”.

The company firmly believes in sustainability and ethical behaviors, while thriving for new and innovative solutions.

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