A Christmas tree for the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin


Christmas 2020 will be different in many ways. Therefore, it is all the more beautiful and important to be able to maintain some familiar traditions. The delivery of Berlin’s most famous Christmas tree in front of the Brandenburg Gate is one such tradition for Universal Transport.

On November 23, at noon, the low-loader carrying the 15-meter-high and approximately 3.5-ton Colorado fir from Thuringia gracefully turned onto Pariser Platz. Later that same evening, the experienced team from the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) efficiently unloaded and erected the tree. It now sparkles in festive splendour adorned with baubles and 30,000 lights.

“We are delighted to be able to contribute, with our experience in heavy goods transport, to bringing a bit of Christmas spirit to the capital,” says Lars Radzik, a member of the technical field service team at Universal Transport. He has been responsible for the delivery of the Berlin Christmas tree for several years and, once again this year, did not miss the opportunity to personally accompany the transport.

Two days earlier, the approximately 45-year-old Colorado fir was felled on private property in Breitenworbis, Thuringia, and loaded onto the low-loader using a heavy-duty crane. Meticulously “packed” to prevent transport damage to its cone-shaped needle foliage, the tree was temporarily parked at the motorway maintenance depot in Breitenworbis over the weekend before continuing its journey toward Berlin. Covering the approximately 300-kilometer route, the heavy transport took about four hours.

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