GRUBER Logistics is your best partner for selling on Amazon Germany with FBA. We have been in transportation and logistics since 1936 so we perfectly know how to help you grow your business. Our FBA Preparation Service is the best solution for all Amazon dealers who already use or will use FBA. It doesn’t matter if you are a Startup or an established company: we will work out the best solution with you, following you step by step.

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What is Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon)?

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) or “Shipping by Amazon” is an Amazon logistics service that helps you reach more potential customers and access new markets. If you choose FBA, Amazon will not only take over the storage of your goods and deliveries to customers, but also manage customer service and returns processing. In addition to ensuring maximum efficiency in shipments, Amazon FBA gives you additional benefits such as fast Prime delivery and easier selling across Europe.

What are the advantages of an FBA service provider?

An FBA service provider often comes in between Amazon sellers and the service “Fulfilment by Amazon”. The FBA service manages incoming goods, takes care of your products according to your wishes and sends them to the nearest Amazon logistics center. An FBA service provider handles the complete transaction of all transport activities at a lower cost and optimized delivery speed. Moreover, you can also take advantage of other services, such as quality control and labeling of the articles. Continuous inventory management is also provided: that means there is continuous control of product inventories for optimized storage space costs. Finally, the goods are packaged according to Amazon guidelines. This allows the sellers to save time and focus on the growth of their business on Amazon.

Why should I sell on Amazon Germany?

Why is it important to sell on Amazon Germany? There are many reasons for that. First of all,  Amazon Germany is with 9%  share the second strongest Amazon market, directly after the US, thus being a marketplace that attracts many customers worldwide. In Germany, Amazon is regarded as the central platform for product search and generated in the year 2018 nearly 70% of the total E-Commerce sales. This makes Amazon the optimal platform to bring your own products to the market as well as to increase your customer base. Due to the low sales fees the platform can also serve as a proxy for your own online shop.

What are the usual problems that Amazon sellers have when they send goods to Amazon?

Shipping or selling goods to Amazon often comes with difficulties that could  easily be avoided. A well-known problem is the unsystematic storage of Amazon. Sellers report about missing and even damaged goods, which were flawless before shipping. Also, incorrect bookings of the articles due to lack of time of the warehouse specialists, leading to poor quality controls and even loss of entire pallets. Above all, the Christmas business makes even more chaos in the book-entry and storage system of Amazon. In addition to that, sellers often encounter problems with the complex Amazon packaging requirements which leads to the situation where goods are sent back to the producer. For these reasons, it is always highly recommendable  to use a Pre-FBA service to insure a smooth procedure of warehouse and shipping logistics.

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