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Our Process

Long-haul freight collection

We can collect goods from all over the world. We have 7 branches specializing in Project Cargo, air and sea transport.

Transport to our warehouses

Our network of full and part-load transports allows us to quickly transport goods to our specialized warehouses.

Warehouse management

In our European warehouses, goods are labelled and packaged according to Amazon’s policies: ready to be shipped.

Monitoring and Measuring

The entire process is tracked to ensure transparency and efficiency. We provide all the tools to manage inventory.

Our warehouses

Our branches are continuously expanding and are close to major e-commerce warehouses such as Amazon and E-bay. We can therefore guarantee a fast and efficient service. Our Amazon Logistics Preparation Service offers:

80000 square metres of storage area
High-bay warehouses and storage of small components
Ground level gates for daily truck deliveries and pick-ups
Direct transport lines to Amazon’s supply centres in Europe.

GRUBER Beyond MyDesk Logistics

A digital platform entirely developed by GRUBER with the aim of simplifying and optimizing logistics management. Keep track of your stock, manage your orders, track transports and analyze your order history.

You can rely on us

Comprehensive management

We assist you in every step of the process, from load registration to labelling and stock update.

Cutting-edge solutions

We have innovative tools for managing shipments in order to optimize costs and time.

Global presence

With our 40 branches worldwide and strong partnerships we are able to respond to any specific need.

About GRUBER Logistics

GRUBER Logistics is an Italian logistics company founded in 1936 by Josef Gruber and is now run by the third generation of the family in Ora in South Tyrol (Italy). Our company has grown steadily over time to become a large, innovative and efficient industrial group with 60 branches in Europe and Asia and 2,250 employees. Our mission is to simplify our customer’s overall experience by offering them new solutions. We are focused on improving our value chain, without ever losing sight of two pillars that are becoming more and more strategic every day: digitalization and sustainability.

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