Romania is one of the most interesting countries in Europe for GDP growth which for several years has been at a higher level compared to the average of other European countries.

This trend is considered to continue in the years to come and this makes the country interesting for investments and is, in fact, the reason why Romania has now become a production area for many multinationals companies of different business sectors. The country’s growth obviously includes targeted investments in the logistics area that Gruber Logistics has supported for over ten years thanks to its expertise in the field of international transport.

Our branch is located in Oradea with the intention of expanding the fleet owned by Gruber Logistics, both for full truck loads (FTL) and for oversized transport (XTL). Gruber Logistics has extended the range of services offered by our branch in Romania by integrating a new Shared Service Center focused on administrative services and in the summer of 2020 we finally created Gruber Logistics Forwarding. By implementing this last initiative, the goal we want to achieve is to expand and acquire new market shares in Eastern European countries.

trasportatori bolzano
trasportatori bolzano


GRUBER Logistics Oradea offers tailor-made solutions related with full truck loads of any type of industrial goods and materials. Our FTL service adapts to the needs of our customers. Thanks to our owned fleet and a network of selected sub-carriers, our branch in Romania offers a full range of services:

  • national & international transport
  • temperature-controlled transport
  • tautliner, megatrailer or coil trailers
  • management of trailer yard (stand-by trailer)
  • cargo safety equipment

The branch is integrated within the European network of Gruber Logistics and has at its disposal a team of Customer Care, planners and multilingual dispatchers able to interact in the best possible way with the customer and with all the players in the logistics chain.

trasporti eccezionali

Oversize Loads – XTL

Gruber Logistics can rely on highly specialized staff with many years of experience in the oversize transport sector. These skills are now further strengthened by a team operating in the area able to propose solutions for all shipments concerning oversized exceptional loads with departures or destinations in Eastern European countries. Our team in Oradea is able to offer a complete service, which includes:

  • the study of the most suitable and economically advantageous route,
  • the choice of the suitable semi-trailer for the cargo that has to be shipped,
  • verification of the possibility to cross roads and bridges,
  • the request of transit permits to the competent authorities,
  • the evaluation of the loading and lashing operations, as well as the unloading and positioning of the cargo.

Our ability is to find solutions aimed at making the life of our customers easier right from the communication flow. A dedicated customer care that can fully understand needs and expectations of our clients.

logistica lavora con noi

GRUBER Logistics Oradea

Our branch in Romania is located in the north-west of the country in Oradea. The city is located about 10 km from the border with Hungary and is one of the most important economic, social and cultural centers in the western part of Romania.

Our offices are located in the city center in the modern Oradea Plaza Center, a strategic position that allows us to welcome collaborators from the entire urban area. Indeed, it’s the GRUBER Logistics Oradea team who is the most important part of this success story.

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