TRA, the Transport Research Arena, is Europe’s leading transportation research and innovation event, encompassing all transport modes and mobility aspects.

It provides a platform for researchers, policymakers, and industry representatives to discuss how innovation can shape transportation and mobility. TRA2024, held in Dublin from April 15 to 18, focuses on “Transport Transitions: Advancing Sustainable and Inclusive Mobility.”

With over 4000 participants, TRA brings together world experts in logistics and transportation. Gruber Logistics, invited by the European Commission, participated in a panel titled “Logistics Decarbonisation Champions,” alongside Procter & Gamble, European Commission (DG MOVE), Kuehne Logistics University, DHL Express Europe, Port de Barcelona, and Future Proof Shipping B.V. During the panel, Gruber Logistics proposed four initiatives for the European Commission:

  1. Providing more transparency in the usage of alternative fuels: we need a simplified system for checking the quotes of fuels sold and emissions reductions claimed by shippers. In such a framework “Book&Claim” is an opportunity to take;
  2. Change the paradigm in research and innovation of electric HDVs: as said by Fernando Liesa (ALICE) “We’re trying to play football with a basketball”. The focus cannot be closing the gap with diesel trucks but to elaborate different logistics models and to design new vehicles on them;
  3. The horizontal cooperation, the cooperation among different actors of the supply chain in sharing assets, has always been thought among shippers. Instead, the support should be given to companies working in the LTL and Groupage sectors which have already established cooperation schemes but with a low level of digital cooperation;
  4. The cooperation among shippers to promote intermodality is a game changer. Initiative such as Alice Express needs to be supported and possibly scaled.

In conclusion, the opportunity was useful for Gruber Logistics to advocate for a comprehensive approach to address key challenges in transportation, emphasizing transparency, innovation, collaboration, and sustainability to shape the future of mobility.

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