Gruber Logistics is ready to inaugurate a new hub within the Quadrante Europa Interport in Verona. Gruber Logistics has made great strides in its expansion in recent years. Pre-pandemic, the company’s turnover amounted to around 360 million euros, numbers which have now doubled thanks both to considerable organic growth and thanks to acquisitions of international importance such as the integration of the German company, Universal Transport, into the Group.

From left: Matteo Gasparato (President of Consorzio ZAI), Marcello Corazzola (Board Member and Managing Director), Christian Gruber (President of Gruber Logistics), Sergio Muzzarelli (Branch Director)

This investment marks an important step forward for the company, strategically positioning it in the heart of one of the main European hubs for freight traffic. With a successful history already consolidated in Verona for 40 years, Gruber Logistics therefore further strengthens its presence with this new hub, which represents an investment of over two million euros. Equipped with 70 loading docks and expected to welcome up to 100 new collaborators by the end of the year, the hub will be able to manage daily departures throughout Europe.

“Verona has long been a crucial hub for our operations, and the opening of this hub underlines our commitment to serving customers efficiently and reliably by simplifying their operations,” said Christian Gruber, President of Gruber Logistics. “This investment allows us to further consolidate our position in the logistics, international and national distribution and intermodal transport sectors.” The Verona hub will therefore become a fundamental point of reference for Gruber Logistics, helping to optimize logistics operations “our added value on the market is the ability to offer integrated solutions to our customers. This can be seen primarily from infrastructural interventions. Verona is a multi-service hub in which logistics, national and international distribution, complete and intermodal transport activities are synergistic with each other” explains Marcello Corazzola, Board Member and Managing Director. The President of Consorzio ZAI, Matteo Gasparato, comments thus: “We are proud to welcome Gruber Logistics to the Interporto Quadrante Europa in Verona. The establishment of such a prestigious company is a tangible sign of its strength and attractiveness of our interport as a reference logistics hub. Gruber’s decision to establish itself here demonstrates the constant commitment of the Verona interport in providing high quality services and cutting-edge infrastructure can contribute significantly to the economic and logistical development of our territory.”

The collaboration between Gruber Logistics and Interporto Quadrante Europa has been consolidated for some time and goes beyond the simple relationship between logistics company and infrastructure manager. The two organizations collaborate, in fact, in promoting key issues such as digitalisation and sustainability, in particular through joint commitment to research and innovation projects also financed by the European Commission. A collaboration project is already in place between the two entities on the topic of digital cooperation for the promotion of intermodality but further ideas are in the pipeline such as the application of artificial intelligence solutions for the management of logistics flows and digital twins for the management of infrastructure.

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