Marcello Corazzola, member of the Executive Board and Managing Director of the Group, gave an interview to the Italian magazine “Logistics Management”. The interview dealt with general scenarios in the industry and the connection between logistics and society as well as other core topics at Gruber Logistics, such as its own employees and sustainability. Here you can read some of the most important statements.

About “new normality”:

“We are not in a moment of “normality” in the sense of a “calm moment”, but we believe that the new normality is constant change. If we at Gruber Logistics have managed to double our turnover in just three years, it is because we recognised earlier than others that the rules of the game have changed and that they will not easily return to the stable growth of a few years ago.”

About people in logistics:

“It is unthinkable that the eighth largest economy in the world bases its logistics on the price war and not on the value that logistics and people in logistics can express. […] From here, we need to promote a logistics of values, where people are at the centre of projects and technology is used to make their work easier, faster and safer. These are concepts that we at Gruber Logistics have been trying to implement since we brought our way of logistics to Italy three years ago.”

About “doers” and “talkers” in sustainability issues:

“Developments in sustainability issues are extremely rapid, but two approaches can still be identified: ‘doers’ and ‘talkers’. I believe that today it is time to take the path of the “doers” and move away from approaches based on who talks the most or sustainability ratings based on documents rather than substance. Do we manage our employees with respect? Are we making concrete efforts to achieve more environmentally sustainable logistics? Are we actually promoting respect for diversity? These are questions that we ask ourselves every day, in the knowledge that sustainability is a path of continuous improvement.”

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