Marcello Corazzola’s interview for Logistica Management

The “Logistica Management” magazine interviewed our Managing Director and Member of the board Marcello Corazzola.

To the question: “What is the effect of the technological development on the human factor? On which profiles you bet on the most: pawns or strategists?”

Corazzola answers: “The issue is not on which professional figure to bet on, but the research of competencies that allow the employees to learn and better themselves. We stand in total opposition to low-cost logistics; it has led many companies in our industry to cover costs even at the expenses of indirect employed staff. We believe that only the direct management of people can enable us to improve, grow and optimise our data.”

Moreover, if you would like to read another version of this article, which has been proposed by an Italian category association called FIAP, click here: Inchiesta Logistica Italiana | FIAP Autotrasporti

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