Handling transport and logistics for the chemicals and plastics industry requires the utmost professionalism and constant compliance with high quality standards, both in the initial phase of the transport and in the subsequent after-sales phase. In fact, the chemicals and plastics sector includes all the industries that produce substances that are often dangerous (which therefore have to comply with special safety protocols such as the ADR regulation) and are extremely diverse, ranging from perfumes and cosmetics to adhesives, paints and varnishes, silicones, polyurethane and metal foams, sealants and plastic products.

For decades, GRUBER Logistics has been collaborating with renowned multinationals in the sector and suppliers of raw materials, always paying the utmost attention to safety, health, and environmental protection. Thanks to the experience we have acquired in the field, we can offer our customers domestic and international transport solutions for chemical and plastic products, both as groupage and full load, by road, but also by ship and air, according to the customer’s needs and always fully respecting the regulations and restrictions in force in the various destination countries.

Your challenges are our challenges:

  • A full-time and focused Customer Care service, to promptly respond to customer requests
  • An extensive distribution network, particularly for retail delivery, which is often performed in places that are difficult to access by large vehicles (e.g. small shops in old city centres)
  • Chemicals and plastics must be transported in accordance with the applicable provisions of the environmental protection regulations
  • When transporting dangerous goods, ADR vehicles must be used on both domestic and international routes, and drivers must be suitably licensed

Our solutions and expertise for the chemical and plastics industry

Transport safety

We ensure maximum safety in the transport of chemical and plastic products in compliance with ADR regulations.

Maximum flexibility

Thanks to our large private fleet, we can provide you with the most suitable vehicle for your goods.

Tailor-made solutions

Our team carefully evaluates the specific needs of each customer and offers customized solutions for each request.

International coverage

We offer extensive coverage thanks to our international partners and are able to manage transport even in the most difficult markets such as Russia and Turkey.

All-round solutions

Thanks to our team of specialists, we provide a wide range of services, including all types of transport, storage, and customs clearance of chemicals and plastics.

Direct export lines

We have direct export lines from all our branches, to save you money and time.

Many years of experience

Since we have been working in the field of chemical and plastic products for decades, we are familiar with the market dynamics and the characteristics of each transport according to the properties of the individual goods.

Shipment tracking

Thanks to our Gruber Beyond MyDesk platform, you will always know where your goods are located.

SELENA ITALIA SRL relies on GRUBER Logistics

SELENA GROUP is a global manufacturer and supplier of building chemicals including adhesives, polyurethane foams, sealants, and insulation systems for buildings. It is a global player and caters to both large construction companies and private individuals.
GRUBER Logistics is a logistics partner of SELENA ITALIA SRL and handles the transport and distribution in Italy of products such as silicones, foams, adhesives, sealants and related accessories.


We run an average of about 30 daily loads of chemical products throughout Italy.


We have implemented efficient IT procedures for the immediate exchange of transport data and information.


From our Verona branch, we also manage all goods storage services for our customers.

GRUBER Logistics also works in other sectors…

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