The paper industry holds a prominent position on the European scene and includes both companies involved in raw material processing (pulp and cellulose fibre) and distribution of the finished product, as well as manufacturers of paper processing equipment.
If you are seeking a reliable logistics partner, able to handle large transport volumes and ensure stability even in the event of fluctuating market demand, GRUBER Logistics is the right choice for you. We have been operating in the paper industry for decades and, thanks to our many specialist divisions, we can easily meet all your transport needs: from the import of pulp by sea to the distribution of finished products with road transport solutions. In addition, since we have a large proprietary fleet of abnormal load vehicles, we can also provide domestic and international transport of papermaking machinery and additional services such as the application for the necessary permits and authorizations.

Your challenges are our challenges:

  • Resilience and ability to adapt to continuous market changes.
  • Proactive customer care ready to provide timely support.
  • Availability of suitable vehicles and equipment to ensure load-securing.
  • Extreme fragility of the goods, sensitive to changes in humidity and temperature.

Our solutions and expertise for the paper industry

Extensive fleet of owned vehicles

We have a broad range of modern vehicles suitable for transporting paper and production equipment, and an in-house workshop for their servicing.

Eco-sustainable transport solutions

Especially for a particularly polluting sector such as that of the paper industry, we can offer environmentally sustainable transport solutions with intermodal shipments or LNG-powered vehicles.

Dedicated Control Tower

We have a centralized system to improve visibility over the supply chain and the transparency of related information.

Transport safety

To protect your goods from harmful external factors, we pay the utmost attention to the humidity conditions of the vehicle during transport.

Modern equipment

For the safety of the goods, we provide modern load-securing equipment (non-slip mats, straps, edge protectors) and specific solutions, such as, for example, trucks with the Joloda system.

Additional services

We have a very broad service portfolio, which also includes integrated logistics services, intermodal transport solutions, air, and sea transport.

Europe-wide coverage

Thanks to our subsidiaries and many partnerships with customs agents, we have a widespread presence throughout Europe.

Many years of experience

Our specialized paper transport experts are familiar with all the specific challenges of the industry. Even in the event of tight delivery times or short notice of the load, they will be able to provide you with timely transport throughout the entire logistics chain.

Cartiere del Garda puts its trust in GRUBER Logistics

Cartiere del Garda is part of the LECTA Group, a world leader in the production and distribution of paper and derivatives. With a focus on environmental sustainability and innovation, the company offers a full range of products that includes both special paper for flexible packaging and labels, and natural paper for publishing. Since 2016 GRUBER Logistics has been working with Cartiere del Garda for transport and distribution on a European scale of finished products obtained from paper processing.


We dispatch an average of 6 loads per day of 2-ply coated paper.


Thanks to the ongoing maintenance of our vehicles and our modern equipment, we ensure the safety of all loads.


We ship throughout Europe and especially to Germany, Austria, Eastern European countries, and Belgium.


Our collaboration with Cartiere del Garda has been going on since 2016 thanks to the availability of a large fleet of vehicles, the punctuality we have been able to provide, and the excellent collaboration with our Customer Care department, which is always ready to respond promptly to any request from customers.

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