The heavy machinery industry includes companies involved in manufacturing construction machinery, earthmoving equipment, mining equipment, forklifts and agricultural vehicles. The transport of heavy machinery requires extreme precision and experience, as it is constantly dealing with oversized loads that require special protocols for securing the load on the vehicle. GRUBER Logistics specializes in domestic and international abnormal loads of construction equipment, tractors, cranes, mobile cranes, excavators, bulldozers, agricultural machines, grinders, tracked construction equipment and all other construction vehicles.

Your challenges are our challenges:

  • It requires specialized on-board crews to load and unload heavy vehicles
  • Collaboration with customs brokers to import and export the various types of heavy machinery to non-EU markets
  • Use of special semitrailers equipped with ramps to properly carry out loading and unloading operations of tracked vehicles
  • Proven experience in handling high value loads

Our solutions and expertise for heavy machinery industry

Safety and punctuality

We ensure maximum safety in the transport of heavy loads and always respect the scheduled delivery times.

Extensive fleet of owned vehicles

We have a broad range of modern vehicles that are suitable for shipping heavy machinery and we have an in-house workshop to service them.

Internal permits office

Our team works every day to obtain the necessary permits and transport escorts for carrying out the transport.

Tailor-made solutions

Whether you need to ship a combine harvester, an excavator or a marine turbine, we will design a solution for your specific case.

Dedicated Control Tower

We support our customers with a dedicated team of industry experts who support them in all the stages of the process.

Europe-wide coverage

Thanks to our branch offices and many partnerships with customs agents, we offer a widespread presence at the European and non-European levels.

Specialized team

Our carefully selected staff has many years of experience in the transport and logistics sector for the heavy machinery industry and will support you step by step.

Vehicles with GPS control

Thanks to our vehicles equipped with GPS control, customers always know where their goods are.

The world leader in heavy machinery manufacturing relies on GRUBER Logistics

Our customer is the world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining machinery, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives.
GRUBER Logistics has established a solid and lasting partnership with this customer for several years now, managing the transport of many types of machinery (in particular excavators, milling machines and track loaders) from their main production plants in England and France to authorized dealers. GRUBER Logistics also deals with the shipment of the machinery from and to non-EU markets.


We deliver various types of heavy machinery directly to authorized dealers


We pick up the finished products from factories in England and France and deliver them throughout Europe


We also handle all the shipment of heavy machinery to several non-European countries


We have never damaged any machinery nor delivered it late

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