The railway and aerospace sectors are characterized by continuous technological innovations in robotics, electronics and management control systems. The railway industry includes companies engaged in the production of train and rail network equipment, including locomotives, rapid transit rail cars, railway layers, and rail line maintenance equipment. The aerospace industry includes companies that design, develop and produce flight equipment ranging from civil and military transport aircraft to satellites and spacecraft.
GRUBER Logistics has been operating as a domestic and international transporter for the railway and aerospace industry for more than 80 years, using its vast experience in abnormal loads for the multi-modal transport of heavy, oversized and highly technological loads.

Your challenges are our challenges:

  • Equipment and specialized personnel for receiving goods
  • Punctuality in carrying out the transport of supplies often linked to continuous cycle production lines
  • Vehicles suitable to transport heavy, abnormal and bulky loads
  • In-depth knowledge of the specific requirements of the railway and aerospace sector

Our solutions and expertise for the rail and aerospace industry

Reliability and punctuality

The safety and punctuality of all transports are our priority

Multimodal transport solutions

Our solutions include not only road transport, but also air and sea shipments

Many years of experience

We boast multi-year partnerships with the most prestigious names in these sectors

Dedicated team

We rely on a team of experienced project managers who will support you in all the stages of the process

European presence

Thanks to our network of branches, we have a widespread presence throughout Europe

Broad range of solutions

Our services range from the transport of components and storage and sequencing, to feeding production lines and transporting the finished product

Dedicated Control Tower

Centralized system to improve the visibility of the supply chain and the transparency of related information

International partnerships

We have a network of logistics partners specialized in international abnormal loads

The leading company in the rail and aerospace industry relies on GRUBER Logistics

Our customer is a Canadian company, the world leader in the production of vehicles for the railway and aerospace sector, with its own dedicated divisions. GRUBER Logistics has been collaborating with the customer for many years supporting it for both logistics and transport.


We have been present for many years with our specialized staff at our customer's warehouse in Netphen, Germany. By doing so, we help our customer to manage, integrate and reduce their logistics costs


We handle the receipt, inventorying and subsequent storage of goods from third-party suppliers


We organize the shipment of railway bogies in full truckloads and as abnormal loads from the warehouse to the company's locations in Derby and Hennigsdorf


We also support our customer by transporting rail car bodies from their site in Wroclaw (Poland) to that in Kassel, in Germany

GRUBER Logistics also works in other sectors…

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