The industrial plant manufacturing market covers the creation of equipment that uses mechanical power to manufacture products, including forging, stamping, bending, forming, and machining. GRUBER Logistics deals with transport and logistics for companies that produce machinery and equipment including industrial products, construction machinery, mining machinery, commercial machinery, service industry machinery, commercial refrigeration equipment, metalworking machinery, and power transmission equipment, such as transformers.

But not only: whether it is individual machines, production lines or entire industrial plants, GRUBER Logistics also offers a complete service in the field of industrial relocation, handling the entire process, from assembly to transport, reassembly and commissioning.

Your challenges are our challenges:

  • Extreme variety in the typology of industrial plants
  • High specific value of the goods to transport
  • Need for abnormal load curtainside semitrailers for adequate coverage of the goods
  • Specific equipment for the correct safety of the system on the loading bed

Our solutions and skills for the industrial plant sector

All-round tailored solutions

We support you step by step in all the stages of the process: from the transport of the machinery to the commissioning of entire industrial plants

Fleet of owned vehicles

Our fleet consists of a wide variety of modern and safe vehicles

Many years of experience

We have specialized in abnormal loads and industrial removals for more than 80 years

Internal permits office

Our team works every day to obtain the necessary permits and transport escorts

Europe-wide coverage

Thanks to our network of branches, we have a widespread presence throughout Europe

Permanent permits for Europe

We have permanent permits to travel throughout Europe, to provide the fastest possible service

Highly qualified workforce

Our on-board crews are carefully selected and undergo ongoing refresher training

Single point of contact

Based on the specifics of the assignment, we identify the specialist that best suits your needs

The international leader in the energy field relies on GRUBER Logistics

Our customer is one of the world's leading companies in the production of many types and sizes of transformers. For over 120 years the company has played a pioneering role in the field of electrical energy, focusing on developing cutting-edge techniques and materials that have paved the way for major technological advancements. GRUBER Logistics boasts a multi-year partnership with the customer and since 2019 is also a certified supplier to transport industrial transformers weighing over 40 tons to the main European countries. Among the many tasks we have carried out, and particularly complex due to the landscape and difficulty of installation, was the transport of 10 transformers from Italy to Greece, for which GRUBER Logistics provided a service recognized as best-in-class by our customer.


Each transformer weighed 80 tons and was 4 meters tall.


The GRUBER Logistics convoy delivered the transformers to one of its Greek partners which then loaded the cargo onto a ship, to take it to its final destination.


The transformers were loaded at the customer company's production site in Monselice (PD) and transported to Nafpaktos, Greece.


We delivered the transformers to their destination on time and in total safety.

GRUBER Logistics also works in other sectors…

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