GRUBER Logistics has collected the first 4 LNG- powered vehicles (liquefied natural gas) from the official dealer IVECO for South Tyrol. The remaining 6 will be delivered in the coming weeks. The company is also a pioneer in the LNG in Lithuania, where it bought two LNG vehicles, which are already fully operational. The new vehicles, the Stralis NP model with 460 horsepower, will enable the company to significantly diminish the environmental impact of its fleet, lessening Co2 emissions by up to 95% and drastically reducing noise pollution, especially during night deliveries and transit of vehicles in urban centers. The decision to add LNG- powered vehicles is part of a long-term strategy that GRUBER Logistics has decided to undertake starting from today. The investment in liquefied natural gas vehicles takes place at a time of profound change for the world of trucking: the European directives have set for 2030 the goal of reducing CO2 emissions from commercial vehicle traffic by 30%. Having this in mind, in the next 10 years the administrations will have to apply increasingly strict restrictions to diesel engines, consequently reducing their competitiveness and flexibility in daily use.

“Our partnership with the company GRUBER Logistics is born more than 25 years ago and has always been focused on finding sustainable and affordable solutions – says Alex Gasser of Iveco Alto Adige – “GRUBER Logistics is the first local company to receive the specific Iveco Stralis NP GRAND VOLUME-LOW TRACTOR version, which will guarantee a greater reduction in costs and above all in CO2 emissions “.

” As a family-run transport company based in South Tyrol, we could not remain indifferent to the issue of sustainability in transport . For these reasons, we continuously invest in intermodal transport and  in our fleet which exclusively includes Euro 6 trucks” –  states Mr. Martin Gruber, company CEO. “We do so not only because we are aware of our corporate responsibility towards future generations, but also because we believe that this type of transport can represent an important added value for our customers – continues Stefan Knapp, fleet manager.


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