Universal Transport has a new low-loader trailer in use


In heavy load and project logistics, specialized equipment is generally used to safely transport loads with unconventional dimensions or considerable weights. This was also the case with locomotives from Kassel, in northern Hesse. A customized lowbed trailer, developed especially for this project and comprising a total of 14 axle lines, was assembled into a transport vehicle with a final length of 68 meters and a total weight of 230 tons.

The lowered trailer, from Universal Transport’s fleet, has three distinguishing features: it can be equipped with rail technology allowing rail vehicles to enter directly through a ramp. Loading does not require crane technology. Unlike conventional rail trailers, this low-loading trailer is exceptionally low and vehicles enter rather than climb in. This design allows vehicles with heights up to 4.40 meters to be transported.

Finally, Universal Transport’s low load trailer is capable of carrying loads of up to 160 tons, with a maximum span of 23 meters. Globally, there are only a few lowered trailers with a similar design, and they generally have significantly lower payload capacities.

For more details, refer to the flyer: Download

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