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What’s our secret? The professional success of our people and our partners is our own one. We believe in building long term relationships which can guarantee to all players involved a stable and sustainable growth. We are really proud to say that we have partners and employees that have been working with us for decades. Relationships based on a common trust.

In the last years, Gruber Logistics has been growing considerably recording a turnover growth almost ten times the average of the market (3.5% Vs 30%). Moreover, just a couple of days ago, we acquired Universal Transport, a successful company with a great expertise on heavy and specialized transport. This makes us the European leader of such segment of logistics chain.

Nonetheless, this is not the end but a new beginning. A journey that will drive us to the top of logistics market and to face the global challenges of global economy.

The topic of social and sustainability is getting more and more important in our business. We are not just looking for compliancy. We want to drive the change making sustainability a real proposition value for our business. Digitalization is the other driving force of our era. A change that we have embraced with the willingness to become more and more integrated for a better cooperation with our partners.

Alone we will not succeed. We need to build new relationships and to involve other people and friends to reach our goals.

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