There are two main categories in the wide range of household appliances: small household appliances (irons, fans, televisions, etc.) and larger ones, also known as “white appliances”. This latter category includes, for example, refrigerators, washing machines, and ovens. Household appliances are particularly heavy, bulky, fragile and susceptible to theft: therefore it is essential to rely on companies that can offer safe storage and transport, managed by qualified personnel that can respect the uniqueness of this particular category of goods. Therefore, it becomes strategically very important to have operational flexibility to balance warehouses with diversified structures (pallet racks, vertical warehouses, etc.) in order to fulfil orders quickly, smoothly managing the traceability of incoming flows ( to control procurement) and outgoing flows ( to manage deliveries). GRUBER Logistics has been involved in transport and logistics for the household appliances industry for decades and knows the unique aspects of this industry. We work to offer you the highest quality transport, with an emphasis on limiting damage, and provide you with safe and customised packaging solutions to protect the integrity of the goods at destination.

Your challenges are our challenges:

  • Utmost attention to loading, unloading and storage methods to minimize damage
  • Just-in-time deliveries to maximize transport yield
  • Option to also provide dedicated and express services, such as the delivery of spare parts and accessories
  • Provision of trailers with satellite tracking system on stand-by for optimal management of large-scale retail trade requests

Our solutions and expertise for the household appliances industry

Dedicated support

Our operational staff and customer care provide a dedicated assistance service with solutions tailored to your needs.

Shipment tracking

Thanks to our Gruber Beyond MyDesk platform, you will always know where your goods are located.

International coverage

We offer widespread coverage thanks to the many distribution terminals of our international partners, thus limiting transhipments even to handle the last mile.

Transport safety

We provide maximum safety for shipping small and large appliances, with a lower percentage of damage than the industry average.

Planning flexibility

We provide maximum flexibility in planning deliveries so as to meet the requirements and timing of large-scale retail.

Suitable vehicles

Thanks to our large fleet of owned vehicles, we can provide maximum flexibility for shipping small and large appliances.

Many years of experience

We have been operating in the household appliances sector for decades. This is why we know the dynamics of the market and the characteristics of each transport very well.

Strong packaging

We know the critical aspects of some kinds of packaging, especially used to ship large household appliances, and we offer cutting-edge solutions to minimize transport damage.

The international industry leader relies on GRUBER Logistics

Our customer is a global leader in household and professional appliances. With its brands, it holds about 25% of the world market for household appliances and distributes around 60 million products in over 150 markets every year.
GRUBER Logistics manages part of the import and export traffic for the customer, both with full and partial load shipping methods.


We handle export traffic in Switzerland from the production plant in Pordenone, as well as part of the import traffic from various German production sites and a portion of the domestic traffic in Germany.


We ensure maximum efficiency for all shipments, even when they are subject to severe constraints or limitations, such as often unfavourable loading and unloading times, or the customs operations for certain destinations.


We ship all types of components, accessories, and spare parts, including refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, hobs, dryers, and dishwashers.


In line with the specific requirements of the household appliances sector, we mainly manage groupage and partial shipments, at both the domestic and international levels.

GRUBER Logistics also works in other sectors…

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