The construction field is extremely broad and includes various sectors: from the construction of residential buildings, to commercial and industrial construction, which includes industrial manufacturing plants, as well as civil engineering works such as roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, and dams.

GRUBER Logistics has been operating in logistics and transport for the construction industry for more than 80 years, dealing with the transport of all types of building materials, such as prefabricated structures, stone cladding, bricks, thermal insulation panels, earthmoving machines and even more complex machinery such as mechanical cutters.

Your challenges are our challenges:

  • Accessibility of loading and unloading places for building materials, often unsuitable for large vehicles
  • Obtaining special permits to transport building materials, which, due to their weight and size, require abnormal load transport
  • Absolute respect of delivery times to ensure the smooth running of work on the construction sites
  • Availability of vehicles suitable for the safe transport of heavy and bulky materials

Our solutions and expertise for the building industry

Reliability and punctuality

We ensure maximum safety in the transport of building materials and always respect the scheduled delivery times

Extensive fleet of owned vehicles

We have a broad range of modern vehicles that are suitable for shipping building materials, and we have an in-house workshop to service them

Many years of experience

We have been active for more than 80 years in the field of logistics and domestic and international transport of abnormal loads of building materials

Tailor-made solutions

Whether it is bulky goods such as insulating panels or heavy goods such as bricks, GRUBER Logistics offers transport services with the most suitable type of vehicle

Dedicated Control Tower

We have a centralized system to improve the visibility of the supply chain and the transparency of related information

International coverage

Thanks to our branch offices and many partnerships with customs agents, we offer a widespread presence at the European and non-European levels

Integrated logistics

In addition to pure transport, we also offer customized storage, handling and distribution services

Consolidated partnerships

Through our network of domestic and international logistics partners, we can offer fast and safe abnormal load services and transport across Europe

Brenner Base Tunnel

The Brenner Basistunnel is the joint Italian-Austrian civil engineering project to bore a railway tunnel connecting Austria to Italy, slated to become the longest tunnel in the world. GRUBER Logistics has worked together with other project partners both on the transport of three tunnel boring machines (TBM) that will be used for the excavation of the exploratory tunnel and the line tunnels, and on handling the components that will be used to assemble the machine inside the tunnel.


The largest of the three machines is 80 meters long and is operated by 15 people. It runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The less demanding components passed through the Brenner pass and Switzerland. Given the weight and shape restrictions on the German roads up to the construction site, we had to transport the heavier ones first by river and then by sea.


GRUBER Logistics transported the components of the tunnel boring machines, for a total of 2,887 tons.


Once they arrived at the Mules site, the TBMs were assembled again in special assembly chambers inside the Brenner Base Tunnel.

GRUBER Logistics also works in other sectors…

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