The keywords for the company’s growth are: investments in human resources, digitalisation and environmental sustainability

Logistics in the heart of the Alps is not an easy job, but GRUBER Logistics succeeded. Since its foundation in 1936 the company has grown steadily, increasing its turnover year after year. Also 2018, consistent with the trend of the past years, marked a further increase in the business volume of the company, which closed the year with a consolidated turnover of 344 million euros (+ 8.7% compared to the previous year).

A solid corporate culture based on trust and mutual respect

Even in these times of economic recession, GRUBER Logistics decided to invest in human resources, growing in less than two years from 650 to 980 employees. The company is always looking for new employees, from specialized operators to young graduates with a knowledge of foreign languages and excellent organizational skills.
”Trust is the foundation of our company, bonding us together like a large family. Knowing that our employees, customers and partners place their trust in us is what motivates us, day after day” – says Martin Gruber, CEO of the Group. Employees are another important pillar on which the success of GRUBER Logistics is based. ” We firmly believe in every single employee’s professional and personal success as the basis of what we can achieve as a company. This is why we aim to grant every employee space for his or her individual development. We encourage them to gain further education and training and support them in their professional growth” – concludes Martin Gruber.

Digitalisation as a competitive advantage and business strategy

Driven by the desire to improve the partnership with its customers, GRUBER Logistics has launched an important digitalisation project known as “Gruber Beyond”. Through this project, the company intends to streamline processes related to transport management, embracing a development strategy based on performance transparency and customer-supplier interchange processes. The result of the project has been the launch of two digital, in-house developed products: the portal Gruber Beyond MyDesk for transport management and shipment traceability, and the Gruber Beyond DriverApp that allows real-time monitoring of driver activities and immediate information sharing with the company. Click here to discover more about the service.

Investments in environmental sustainability

“We feel a strong responsibility towards future generations. For this reason we are committed to make investments to increase the environmental sustainability of our business “- continues Martin Gruber – ” Our fleet, which currently boasts about 800 units, consists solely of Euro 6 trucks with an average age of two years, and in 2019 we have purchased LNG-powered units for a significant reduction in carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. Furthermore, for over 30 years now we have been embracing the challenge of intermodal transport, a more sustainable form of transport in which we recently invested again with the opening of a further connection between Kreuztal, Germany, and Verona, in Northern Italy “.

Welcome on Gruber Beyond MyDesk, the digital platform for the optimization of your freight management processes.

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